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< Strengths > Necromancy, Moonlight, Mind Control and Siren Song. < Weaknesses > Daylight, Bad Vibes and the Blood of Christ. CHARACTER DESCRIPTION Don’t be deceived by MOONLITE DENSETSU’s cute demeanor and festive attitude, it will steal your soul to create an army of undead friends. This creature has used the power of the moon to come from the dead, collecting souls of the living to entrance them with music and frivolity. The vessel of a chibi magic man is haunting our plane in the search of a great time. The ultimate objective being an endless party. DESIGNER BRANDON WEN is an LA-born, newly celebrated creative director of the Antwerp Fashion Department and freelance fashion designer/artist. His personal work explores performance, installation, illustration and collage and is centered around playful and creative experimentation. Recently he has performed at the Performa Biennale in New York and continues to make appearances in the underground scenes of Antwerp. He also works regularly for clients such as Michele Lamy, Rick Owens and Maison Lemarié for Chanel Haute Couture. ANTWERP CYBER-SIX Inspired as a software update for the iconic Antwerp Six, the Antwerp Cyber-Six is a project spearheaded by Antwerp-based digital fashion network MUTANI in collaboration with six Antwerp Fashion Department alumni and ior50 Studio. Conceived to inspire new in-game identities, each of the cyber-six characters are yours to collect. With proceeds going to support the continued creative practice for each designer and the onboarding of new, high-creative design talents into the digital world. THIS EXCLUSIVE 1/1 NFT INCLUDES: ✦ High quality look-book turning animation ✦ High quality detail renders ✦ Signed original design sketch ✦ Designer inspiration collage ✦ Cinematic animated trailer



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