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< Strengths > Shockwaves, Shattering Matter, Physics Tests, Lightspeed < Weaknesses > Pneumonia, The System, Love Beams, Socialising CHARACTER DESCRIPTION HALO is a character who is warping, bending, and scaling the laws of physics. It breaks through the system of space and time to transport itself or parts of itself from A to B instantly. Halo is shy, seems cold and dissociated from humanity. Numerical, analytical in its appearance it seems untouchable and simply too fast to grasp. Halo is nowhere and everywhere - when it appears some may be shocked to the bones or frozen from wonder. DESIGNER FLORA MIRANDA is a visual artist and fashion designer based in Antwerp and Vienna. Her work is centered around the human being: senses, perception and performance in an actual virtual reality. After graduating as a master at the Antwerp Fashion Department, she freelanced for Iris Van Herpen. Flora now embraces experimentation as a vehicle to broaden established standards of craftsmanship and design. Her world is extraterrestrial, extravagant, extreme, exclusive and excited to revel in mystery and surprise. ANTWERP CYBER-SIX Inspired as a software update for the iconic Antwerp Six, the Antwerp Cyber-Six is a project spearheaded by Antwerp-based digital fashion network MUTANI in collaboration with six Antwerp Fashion Department alumni and ior50 Studio. Conceived to inspire new in-game identities, each of the cyber-six characters are yours to collect. With proceeds going to support the continued creative practice for each designer and the onboarding of new, high-creative design talents into the digital world. THIS EXCLUSIVE 1/1 NFT INCLUDES: ✦ High quality look-book turning animation ✦ High quality detail renders ✦ Signed original design sketch ✦ Designer inspiration collage ✦ Cinematic animated trailer



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