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< Strengths > drinking competitions, feelin’ alive and the magic power of music: heart-touching soundwaves that cause a rush of amazement that annihilates stress and makes you feel unstoppable. < Weaknesses > increasing beer and cigarette prices, chain smoking, emotional piano pieces CHARACTER DESCRIPTION ARPEGIUS is a shooting star leaping through the sky - like a tiger defying the laws of gravity. So don’t stop him now, cause he is havin’ a good time: walking the streets, listening to the soundtrack of his life, finishing a six pack, smoking and living his fantasy. He knows stories, lots of them, some true, some blurry and some definitely made up. He is not your friend - but someone you can count on when you need him. He has a big heart. Definitely not what you call a hero, shiny or new, but courageous. ABOUT THE DESIGNER MAXIMILIAN RITTLER is a Viennese born menswear designer living and working in Antwerp. With fashion degrees from both Vienna and Antwerp, he debuted his graduation collection at London Fashion Week. Rittler was finalist in the Hyéres Festival 2020 and ties international labels such as Chloé, Maisons Desrues, Supima and Givaudan to his name. After exhibiting at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin and dressing Belgium’s Eurovision Song Contest candidate, Rittler now works as a menswear designer at Dries Van Noten. ANTWERP CYBER-SIX Inspired as a software update for the iconic Antwerp Six, the Antwerp Cyber-Six is a project spearheaded by Antwerp-based digital fashion network MUTANI in collaboration with six Antwerp Fashion Department alumni and ior50 Studio. Conceived to inspire new in-game identities, each of the cyber-six characters are yours to collect. With proceeds going to support the continued creative practice for each designer and the onboarding of new, high-creative design talents into the digital world. THIS EXCLUSIVE 1/1 NFT INCLUDES: ✦ High quality look-book turning animatiom ✦ High quality detail renders ✦ Signed original design sketch ✦ Designer inspiration collage ✦ Cinematic animated trailer



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