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< Strengths > Following Orders, Digging Trenches < Weaknesses > The Enemy, His Commander CHARACTER DESCRIPTION THE BLACK LEATHER OFFICER is an image of authority and war. He is a simple soldier, a small pawn. He is the face we meet behind which is the all mighty power that is in control of our life. On one hand we feel protected, secured and looked after, while at the same time we know we can’t fully trust him, his leaders don't always have our best interest in heart. ABOUT THE DESIGNER NADAV PERLMAN was born in the holy land. The area he grew in, the mountains of Galilee, is a unique meeting point for a large variety of cultures and traditions, each with their own unique dress, craft and connection to the land has a particular influence on his artistic sensitivity. In his work he tries to tell a story about the world we live in, and to bring up subjects he finds important. Nadav completed a bachelor and a master at the Royal Academy of Antwerp. Nowadays, he is focused on building his name sake label. ANTWERP CYBER-SIX Inspired as a software update for the iconic Antwerp Six, the Antwerp Cyber-Six is a project spearheaded by Antwerp-based digital fashion network MUTANI in collaboration with six Antwerp Fashion Department alumni and ior50 Studio. Conceived to inspire new in-game identities, each of the cyber-six characters are yours to collect. With proceeds going to support the continued creative practice for each designer and the onboarding of new, high-creative design talents into the digital world. THIS EXCLUSIVE 1/1 NFT INCLUDES: ✦ High quality look-book turning animation ✦ High quality detail renders ✦ Signed original design sketch ✦ Designer inspiration collage ✦ Cinematic animated trailer



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